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VSLA Board Directory 2016-2017

Executive Board


Cheryl Kissel

KisselC (at)

President Elect

Donna Sullivan-Macdonald

dmacdonald (at)

Past President / VSLA Award

Kathy Lawrence

klawrence (at)


Susan Monmaney

susanm (at)


Megan Sutton

msutton (at)

Regional Representatives

Central Co-Representatives

Michelle Holder,

Genevieve Knight

mholder (at)

gknight (at)

Northeast  Representative

Joanne Bertrand

Kate Davie

jbertrand (at)

kate.davie (at)

Northwest I Representative

Angel Harris

aharris (at)

Northwest II Co-Representatives

Sara Jablonski

Faith Carpenter

sjablonski (at)

faith.carpenter (at)

Southeast Representative

Jeanne Phillips

jeanie.phillips (at)

Southwest Representative

Debbie Ehler-Hansen

vermonthan1 (at)

Affiliate Representatives and

Committee Chairs

Conference Committee

Shannon DeSantis

shannon.desantis (at)

Higher Ed Representative

Judy Kaplan

jlkaplan (at)

Intellectual Freedom

Caitlin Classen

cclassen (at)

ISTE Representative

Donna Sullivan-MacDonald

dmacdonald (at)

Legislative Concerns

Martine Larocque Gulick

mgulick (at)


Shannon DeSantis

shannon.desantis (at)


Anna Bolognani

rebolibrary (at)

Professional Concerns

Heidi Huestis

hhuestis (at)

Technology Concerns

Shannon Walters

swalters (at)


Matt Gile

matt.s.gile (at)

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