Vermont School Library Association

Three-Year Strategic Plan Overview


Action Items


  1. Certification and sequence. Defining library and tech integration

1A.  Leverage teacher training programs to require collaboration with school librarians as part of student teacher expectations.

2.  Telling our story, being visible on social media and media. Media aware of connections to VSLA persons.

2A.  VSLA statements are made public

3.  Being proactive with stakeholders. Establish connections so that others think of VSLA when work is being imagined and developed.

3A.  Make persistent connections with state government personal.

3B.  Leverage relationships to improve visibility.

3C.  Monitor future state policy for impact on librarians and where library voice needs to be included.


  1. Promote opportunities for VSLA members to pursue leadership at the state, national, and international levels

1A.  Widely publicize leadership opportunities utilizing the listserv, social media, and website

1B.  In emails and online posts, provide testimonials from current and past leaders to clarify the scope of the work

1C.  Continue participation in ALA Emerging Leaders

1D.  Explore the possibility of a leadership institute with NESLA

  1. Cultivate and sustain relationships with other organizations

2A.  VCAL - Maintain connection with VT college and academic librarians to facilitate students’ college preparedness

2B.  VLA - Pursue collaborative relationship and explore opportunities for joint professional development

2C.  ALA/AASL/YALSA - Encourage VSLA members to join committees and attend conferences

2D.  Superintendents and Principals re: Future Ready

2E.  VITA-Learn and ISTE


  1. Strengthen and maintain participation in VSLA

3A.  Promote use of virtual meeting platforms to expand opportunities for attendance at regional and committee meetings

3B.  Improve coordination between Membership and Regional Representatives to better support new members

3C.  Add testimonials VSLA’s “Benefits of Membership” webpage

3D.  Add testimonials to emails recruiting for board positions and other opportunities

Professional Development

  1. Create a new board position: Professional Development Chair

1A.   Create job description

1B.   Solicit membership for volunteer to position

1C.   Chair will prepare page on website

1D.   Curate opportunities

1E.   Provide certificates for recertification credits

2.   VSLA provides necessary support

2A.   Coordinate conference development

2B.   Announce, review, and award scholarships

2C.   Sustain partnerships with organizations

2D.   Record local workshops

2E.   Gather information from various sources about trending topics in the profession

3.  Credit-bearing courses

3A.   Collaborate with colleges to provide and promote PD opportunities

3B.   List credit-bearing courses on web page

4.  Coordinate continuing education for VT school librarians

4A.   Survey VSLA membership for continuing education desires/ wants/ needs

4B.   Collaborate with regional professional development organizations (ie LAPDA, CV, etc.)


  1. Promote awareness of new AASL standards

1A.   Put info on a website that will link to VSLA site

1B.   Promote above on listserv

1C.   PD for new standards, available virtually and recorded

2.  Ensure participation in statewide educational initiatives, e.g., Statewide Digital Learning Plan, OER, etc.

2A.   Ensure that a school librarian is part of the Strategic Statewide Digital Learning Plan team

2B.  Ensure Nov. 2017 AASL “new” standards and ESSA align

3.  Provide resources for content teachers and librarians to ensure that digital skills and citizenship are being taught in context with local school standards

3A.  Disseminate information about new standards to colleagues

3B.  Survey librarians re: best way to integrate standards at the local level

3C   Find and share exemplars of how new standards are integrated into local proficiency based standards

Action Items with Financial Implications


  • 2A:  Possible advertising costs


  • 1C:  Conference attendance costs

  • 3A:  Possible costs associated with videoconference platforms and/or equipment

Professional Development

  • 2B:  Scholarship funds included in annual budgets

  • 4B:  Possible costs for continuing education offerings


  • 1C:  Possible costs associated with videoconference platforms and/or equipment

  • 2B:  Nominal cost

Adopted:  September 20, 2017

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