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Vermont School Library Association

Three Year Strategic Plan

adopted September 10, 2014


Action Items



1. Expand leadership opportunities

1A  Define roles and responsibilities for Board positions

1B Explore leadership training for VSLA members

1C Create an annual social event at Dynamic Landscapes to familiarize membership with leadership opportunities.

1A President Elect with Board

1B  President & Higher Ed Rep

1C Regional Reps with rotating chairs in consultation with Conference Committee

1A At least 5 positions/year

Year 1 - Explore

Year 2 - Identify

Year 3 - Implement

Year 1

2. Strengthen our professional learning community.

2A Develop a Vermont school librarian position description

2B Develop a resource guide for new Vermont school librarians.

2C Expand professional development opportunities within VSLA and by partnering with other organizations.

2D Expand social media presence for professional development and advocacy.

2A  Subcommittee

2B  Subcommittee

2C Regional Reps with President Elect and Professional Concerns

2D  Subcommittee:  Webmaster, chair

Year 1

Year 1- Develop

Year 2 - Refine

Year 1 - Planning

Year 2 - Implementing

Year 1 - Recommend

Year 2-  Implement

3. Create ongoing advocacy and marketing campaigns.

3A  Establish an Advocacy Task Force to rebrand and market  

3B Create a statewide map and directory of school librarians

3C Develop communication and relationships with other educational organizations including: VTLIB, VPA, VSA, VTASCD, VSBA, and State BOE

3D Expand relationships with the Vermont AOE

3A Professional Concerns Rep

3B Regional Reps & Membership Chair

3C Coordinated by President with Board

3D Executive Board

Year 1 - Create

Year 2 - Plan

Year 1 - Map

Year 2 - Directory

Year 1 - Identify specific groups, plan, & contact

Year 2 - Request invitations with several groups

Year 3 - request invitations with additional groups

Year 1 - Seek representation on AOE Committees

Year 2 - Identify what VSLA can do for AOE

Year 3- Explore ways to work more closely with AOE

4. Promote the role that school library programs play in student achievement.

4A Curate exemplars and best practices of student information literacy.

4B  Curate resources for Vermont educators

Board Subcommittee

Standard Committee chair

Year 1 - Explore ways to curate student work within FERPA, CIPA guidelines

Year 2- Develop a sustainable curation program

Year 1 - Sustain and promote NGSS and CCSS Resources

Year 2 - Identify other resources of use to Vermont Educators

Action Items with Financial Implications

1B  Explore leadership training for VSLA--need to explore corporate or grant sponsorships

1C  Annual Social Event at Dynamic Landscapes --need to explore corporate or grant sponsorships

3A  Rebranding/marketing costs

3C/3D  Travel expenses to affiliate meetings

Strategic Plan Google Doc

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