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VSLA Membership gives you access to the VSLA listserv, an email list for Vermont school librarians.  You will be added to the listserv by the membership coordinator after you become a VSLA member. The listserv really keeps us connected, so please note the reminders below to help keep it running efficiently. 

If you are sending a message via the listserv, please send it to vsla@list.uvm.eduMake sure to send it from the email address that you gave when you paid your membership dues. Otherwise, the message gets bounced back for approval and might not be distributed as quickly as you had intended.

When you post a message to the listserv, please put VSLA first in the SUBJECT line and then follow it with:

  • All if your message is of interest to everyone
  • HS if your message is for high school librarians
  • MS if your message deals with middle school issues
  • ES if your message is for elementary school librarians

Follow that designation with your subject.

e.g. VSLA--MS: Books on the Middle Ages.

Please include your contact information with your message (first and last name, school, address, telephone). 

Knowing the grade levels you work with is often helpful to those answering your questions, so if it isn't obvious from the name of your school, you'll probably want to add that information.

If you are replying to someone’s posting or sending out a follow-up message, it is helpful to keep the same subject heading for ease in following the discussion thread.

In situations where a dialog isn't needed, e.g. someone simply requesting books or title suggestions, please do NOT send these responses to the entire list. The original requester can post a complete list after all responses have been received, if it is of interest to the group. Make sure you are selecting "Reply" and not "Reply All." If your email program has a different default setting, please look at what is in the "To" address line before clicking "Send" and delete the listserv address, leaving the original sender's.

Any listserv questions or email address changes should be sent to 


Thanks for your attention to these.

For membership questions: VSLAmembership (at) gmail.com

For questions or comments about the website: VSLAwebmaster (at) gmail.com

All other inquiries: Board Member Contact Information

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